Connects with Southern ACL, Seaboard at various places.
441 miles from Deepwater W Va. to Norfolk, Va.(Sewalls Point)
Several branches to coal mines in W Va.


Number Mf'gr Model Date 6 GE 44 ton 1941 10-49 FM H-16-44 1954-57 50-74 FM H-24-66 1954-57 100-111 Alco/West EL-3A 1925-26 110-115 Alco/East EL-1A 1926 125-128 GE EL-2B 1948 130-141 GE EL-C 1956


Number Description 1 Class C3 was Tidewater #1, built 1905, to MOW 1937 2 Class C9 was Tidewater #2, built 1905, to MOW 1937 3 Class C4 built 1906 4 Class C4 built 1906 5 Class C6 built 1905 6 Class C5 built 1906 7-19 Class C1 built 1906- 20 Class C3 was Tidewater #20, built 1905, to MOW 1937 21 Class C9 was Tidewater #21, built 1905, to MOW 1937 22-25 Class C7 built 1906 26-68 Class C1 built 69-76 Class C2 built 1912 77-86 Class C1 built 87-94 Class C8 built 1893-1909 95-100 Class C1 built 300-324 Class C10 built 1949 400-411 Class C1 412 Class C2 rebuilt 1942 VGN X87, 4 wheel type, was N&W 17085 built 1893, sold to Vgn 1920 VGN X88, 4 wheel type, was N&W 17100 built 1893, sold to Vgn 1920, wrecked 1926. VGN X89, 4 wheel type, was N&W 17119 built 1899, sold to Vgn 1920 VGN X90, 4 wheel type, was N&W 17157 built 1903, sold to Vgn 1920 VGN X91, 4 wheel type, was N&W 17196 built 1905, sold to Vgn 1920 VGN X92, 4 wheel type, was N&W 17861 built 1909, sold to Vgn 1920 VGN X93, 4 wheel type, was N&W 17884 built 1909, sold to Vgn 1920 VGN X93, 4 wheel type, was N&W 17996 built 1905, sold to Vgn 1920 Length 22'-05" over couplers, 20'-06" over strikers, height 14'-1 1/4", width 10'. Information by hosam

Current location of existing Virginian Cabooses as of Nov 12, 2002

Oneida TN VGN as N&W, cupola, City Park
Petersburg VA VGN wood, no cupola, no trucks, Little Pig Bar-B-Q, 3323 West Washington Avenue/US 1
Pocahontas VA VGN 302 ex-N&W 530302, steel, cupola, Laurel Meadows Park, SR T-1103
Hamburg NY VGN 306 as N&W 530306, steel, cupola, built 1946, WNYRHS, Erie County Fairground
Mullens WV VGN 307 ex-N&W 530307, steel, cupola, Old Virginian Railway Caboose Museum, 304-294-5094 or 4004
Princeton WV VGN 308 as N&W 530308 1 side, steel/cupola, Old Virginian Ry Caboose Mus., CityHall, Morrison Dr/Rt 104
Klotz VA VGN 309 as N&W 530309, LOCATION?
Elkins WV VGN 311 as WVC 530311, ex-N&W 530311, steel, cupola, West Virginia Central, from Lima, Ohio
Gary WV VGN 313 ex-N&W 530313, steel, cupola, built 1957, Princeton, WV, Lion's Park
Ashville OH VGN 315 as N&W 530315, steel, cupola, built '57, Depot, Madison Avenue, Ashville Area Heritage Society
Huntington WV VGN 317 as CPHO 530317, ex-N&W 530317, steel, cupola, National Rwy Historical Soc., 8th Ave. & 12th St.
Carthage IN VGN 318 as CKSI 318, ex-N&W 530318, steel, cupola, built 1957, Carthage, Knightstown & Shirley Railroad
Oberlin OH VGN 319 ex-N&W 530319, steel, cupola, Ohio Rt 511, south edge of town
Franklin NC VGN 320 ex-N&W 530320/GSM 20, steel/cupola, WhistlestopAntiqueMall/1281 Georgia Rd, exDillsboro/NC
Roanoke VA VGN 321 ex-N&W 530321, steel, cupola, Class C10/C30, built 8/49, Virginia Museum of Transportation
Jonesborough TN VGN 322 ex-N&W 530322, steel, cupola, Watauga Valley Chapter, NRHS, info from "Cabooses of the N&W"
Rural Hall NC VGN 323 as N&W 530323, steel, cupola, Patterson & Smith Oil Co., 170 Bay St., along Norfolk Sou. tracks
Grand Rapids MI VGN 325 as N&W 530325, steel, cupola, Class C-30A, built 2/57, Vierson Company, Patterson Avenue S.E.
Altavista? VA VGN 329 as N&W 530329, steel, cupola, Master's Inn, GONE TO?
Klotz VA VGN 331 as N&W 530331, LOCATION?
Kimball WV VGN 333 ex-N&W 530333, steel, cupola, built 1957?, Princeton, WV, City, LOCATION?
Romeoville IL VGN 334 ex-N&W 530334, steel, cupola, built 4/58, Safety Town
Bramwell WV VGN 335 ex-N&W 530335, steel, cupola, built 9/57 at Princeton, WV, Class C-30A, Information Center, Rt 120
War WV VGN 337 ex-N&W 530337, steel, cupola, blt.'58, John R. Turner, SR 16, s. of town, Cucumber, WV, 875-3631
Richlands VA VGN 338 ex-N&W 530338, steel, cupola, Rescue Squad Building
Matewan WV VGN 339 ex-N&W 530339, steel, cupola, Visitor Information Center, Rt 49
Roanoke VA VGN 342 steel, cupola, Roanoke Chapter, National Railway Historical Society, 9th Street, Ken Miller, owner
Altavista VA VGN 344 ex-N&W 530344, steel, cupola, Southern Depot
Rural Hall NC VGN 345 as N&W 530345, steel, cupola, Atlantic & Yadkin Freight Depot, 8170 Depot Road & old US 52
Hot Springs NC VGN 346 as N&W 530346, steel, cupola, City
Lynchburg VA VGN 64 wood, cupola, Riverside Park, with C&O #2760 2-8-4 & Southern coach
Geigertown PA VGN ? as Geigertown Central RR, ex-N&W?, steel, cupola, David Shirey, 1375 Geigertown Rd., 286-9835



All color mixes are based on PollyScale Acrylics paint numbers.
All bottle sizes are 1 fluid ounce size.
Capful refers to the cap on the bottle.
HK=Herald King decals for reference only these are no longer available.
MS=Microscale Decals
C=Custom made on Alps Printer VGN VIRGINIAN Yellow & Black Yellow-Reefer yellow #414122 Black-engine black #414110 decals-Walthers #95-75


The "Color Chart" in the April '46 MR, the passenger equipment was olive green on the sides, the roof an trucks were black, and the lettering was gold. anon


04/04/99 p e-mail Went to the show in Greensboro, Nc this saturday. Attached is a pic of what i found and bought . This fellow had 9 of them with all different numbers. Well I have been wanting some Virginian box cars. These are marked Automobile service. Where did the Vgn haul cars to and from? I have 10 of your decals for general service box cars and still have them in the pipeline along with the 10 ballast cars. I haven't had a chance to check on pics but these auto cars have a black background in the Vgn Hearld. Should your decals have the black background for the gen purpose box cars? 04/04/99 Depending on era, the decals might have needed a black background for the herald. I think some time in the 1950s is the cut point. I didn't do that principally because the increase in cost would be enormous, maybe double, for the sheets. The really fussy modeler can paint a black circle behind the decal. In principle, if the herald has a black background, then the roof and ends of the automobile cars you bought (Bowser, and very nice) should also be black. But Bowser doesn't do that because of cost. Same issue. Bill Mosteller 05/04/99 Notes on the Bowser car: 1) It's AUTOMOBILE, not AUTOMOBILES 2) There's supposed to be a white stripe on the right door to reflect the kind of auto rack that's inside the car. My new decal set has both these features right....Unfortunately, my hard disk crashed, so I don't have instructions Bill Mosteller


Posted to the Mon, 11 Nov 2002 From: "csledge2000us" Subject: Re: VGN pulpwood racks In the later years the Virginian had two classes of pulpwood cars. They were the PW-1 and PW-2. The PW-1 had road numbers 951-970 and were 43' 3" between pulling faces with 36' 8" inside between ends with the ends being 6' 6" high above the floor of the car. The PW-2 had road numbers 800-834 and were 49' 3" between pulling faces with 42' 6" inside between ends with the ends being 6' 6-3/4" above the floor of the car. I hope this helps. "Fred Mullins" wrote: > Folks, > I'm looking for info on VGN pulpwod racks. I need photos and info as to number of cars used, data and what road numbers they had as well. I know that a few of these cars keep there own number and paint well into the N&W era. > Thanks > Fred Mullins > modeling the A&D
S.A. McCall