Connects with AGS, CofGA, CNO&TP AND L&N.
91.7 Miles from Chattanooga, TN to Alabama City, AL.
The TAG was purchased in 1929 by W. H. Coverdale and ran by his firm of Coverdale & Colpitts. Mr. Coverdale was the owner of Gulf States Steel at Gadsden which he sold to Republic Steel at about the same time he purchased TAG. He was made a director of Republic when he sold them the mill. This is the only TAG/Republic connection. I am sure he used his position on Republic's board to TAG's advantage. TAG remained a Coverdale (his estate by then) property until the late 50s when it was purchased by the Siskin brothers who owned Siskin Steel in Chattanooga. Southern paid the Siskin brothers a handsome sum for TAG (to kill it) and put Garrison Siskin on their board. The NS yard (built in the early 70s) at Alabama City near the steel mill is named Siskin yard. Republic was not located on TAG rails. It was a few miles west in Alabama City which is between Attalla and Gadsden. L&N and Southern served the mill. So any traffic destined to or originating from Republic at Alabama City still originated or terminated off TAG. Not all Republic Steel traffic originated in Alabama City. They also had facilities in Birmingham. TAG also handled this traffic via the L&N connection.
Warren Stephens

TAG had two former N&W CF class cabs that were numbered TA&G X30 & X31. These were in "mainline" service from about 1936-56. I understand that there is going to be a good version of this caboose out soon in HO. If you model TAG and want to be prototypical, remember that TAG modified the steps on these cabs by extending them. TAG, was N&W #518090, Class CF, built 1915, acq. 08/35 Next is the two former NC&STL external braced models which were TA&G X62 & X63. These came to TAG from the Dixie Line in 1956 and were on the property but out of service at the time of the Southern takeover. And lastly in 1961 TAG purchased two former Southern bay window cabs which were TA&G X71 & X72. Remember when modeling TAG cabooses that they all had a standard US Mail box attached to their underside. I have no idea why but they did. Information furnished by Warren Stephens


TENNESSEE, ALABAMA & GEORGIA Blue Blue-Half ATSF blue 414150 and Half D&H Avon blue 414194 Yellow Nose stripes-Reefer yellow #414122 add 1 capful reefer white . White stripes and side of walkway-Reefer white #414113 Decals-none available
S.A. McCall