NC Division-23.1 Miles from Charlotte, NC to Gastonia NC. 23.9 Miles from Mt. Holly to Terrell NC, 3.2 Miles from N. Belmont to Belmont NC, 1.5 Miles from Ranlo to Spencer MT NC. Piggyback ramps at Charlotte and Gastonia NC.

SC Division-88.9 Miles from Spartanburg to Greenwood, SC, 11.8 Miles from Belton to Anderson, SC.
Piggyback ramps at Greenville, Spartansburg and Anderson, SC.





All color mixes are based on PollyScale Acrylics paint numbers.
All bottle sizes are 1 fluid ounce size.
Capful refers to the cap on the bottle.
HK=Herald King decals for reference only these are no longer available.
MS=Microscale Decals
C=Custom made on Alps Printer

PIEDMONT & NORTHERN black Black-engine black 414110 decals-Walthers 167-75


Piedmont & Northern Rwy items

Books PIEDMONT and NORTHERN :"The Great Electric Railway of the South" by Fetters/Sweeny Magazines RAILROAD MAGAZINE -Apr 44, p104 TRAINS MAGAZINE - June 54 p48 TRAINS MAGAZINE - July 54 p48 NRHS Bulletin - Vol 32, # 3, p24 TRAINS MAGAZINE - Jan 70 , p36 MAINLINE MODELER - Apr 87, p28 Video Tapes TROLLEYS OF THE SOUTH - PART 2 by Herron Rail Video (about 5 minutes of a couple of electrics and cabs) PIEDMONT & NORTHERN ELECTRIC RWY by Heritage Publishing Co.(almost 2 hours of P & N trolleys, interurbans, diesels, and the physical plant of the Rwy) As an aside, this tape is of poor quality. No sound, other than the monotone narrater who cuts in and out. I was not satisfied when I got this tape as it was on a tape that for the first 3 seconds showed a basketball game! I wrote a letter to the guys selling the tape, but never heard from them again. I believe David Carriker is involved with this tape. It has since been advertised as redone with additional footage. It was kind of pricey too, which is why I wrote about them selling me a used tape. Still, I can't run out and shoot any P&N diesels currently. Only one S4 remains in the US, in Laurinburg, NC. All of the other units are scrapped, and the other S4's (4) are in Venezeula. Here are some pictures of those units being shipped to Venezula. These pictures were taken in Mobile, Al. in Sept 1977 by S.A. McCall. Photo Prints ALCO HISTORIC PHOTOS: in Schenectady has color builder photos of some of the P&N diesels. I have the C420 . MEANDERING RAILS: by Jim Shaw has some nice B&W prints CONNIFF RAILROADIANA COLLECTION: has shots of each of the diesels. I have all offered from 1983 lists. JACK PARKER has some shots LARRY GOOLSBY has a few freight car shots, and possibly some caboose shots Duplicate Slide Sets:Al Chione offered set 443, which has a fair amount of P&N in it. It also had some GARR if I remember right. Sets are on a time limited basis, as are all of his sets. This set should be on list #55, which just expired, but a QUICK phone call my get you a set of W443. Cost is $20.00, plus $1 shipping. Phone # 1-970-259-5609 Historical Society There is a P&N Historical Society listed in a recent issue of MR, c/o Craig Meyers. I joined the society in 1984(?) and only recieved one issue of the newsletter. Several letters about my membership went unanswered. MY BEST ADVICE ON THIS GROUP is to watch your step, so you don't get taken as I was. I was looking forward to getting involved with this group. Russell Underwood March 09, 2001
S.A. McCall