Connects with ACL, SCL, NPBL, NS, NW and SOUTHERN 204 Miles from Norfolk, VA. to Danville, VA.


Number Mf'gr Model Date
1 Alco RS-36 Oct-62
2 Alco RS-36 Oct-62
201 Alco RS-11 Feb-56
202 Alco RS-11 Mar-56
203 Alco RS-11 Mar-56
204 Alco RS-11 Mar-56
The RS-36's were ordered by the A&D, but before they were delivered The road was sold to the N&W and renamed NF&D. Delivery dates for the RS-11's shown are the original dates delivered to the NKP Railroad. After the A&D was bought, in 1962, by the N&W it was renamed the NF&D. In 1968 the 4 RS-11's from the NKP were transferred to the NF&D. The original numbers were 2558, 2560, 2561 and 2562, these became 201-204.


Number Mf'gr Model Date
101 Alco RS-2 Jul-49
102 Alco RS-2 Jul-49
103 Alco RS-2 Oct-49
104 Alco RS-2 Oct-49
105 Alco RS-2 Oct-49
106 Alco RS-2 Oct-49
107 Alco RS-3 Jun-51


109 scrapped 06/79
112 was N&W #518385, Class CG, built 1927, acq. 05/63
113 was N&W #518394, Class CG, built 1927, acq. 05/63
NF&D, was N&W #530300, Class C30, built 1949, leased from N&W, was VGN #300
NF&D, was N&W #530301, Class C30, built 1949, leased from N&W, was VGN #301
NF&D, was N&W #530302, Class C30, built 1949, leased from N&W, was VGN #3020
NF&D, was N&W #530318, Class C30, built 1949, leased from N&W, was VGN #318
NF&D, was N&W #530321, Class C30, built 1949, leased from N&W, was VGN #321
NF&D, was N&W #530323, Class C30, built 1949, leased from N&W, was VGN #323
 X100  ex-SOU X-1796  Converted to Yard Office in 1961									
 X101  ex-SOU X-2041									
 X102  ex-SOU X-2394									
 X103  ex-SOU X-2027									
 X104  ex-SOU X-2711  Destroyed at MP109.9 on 12/12/52									
 X105  ex-SOU X-2046									
 X106  ex-SOU X-2268									
 X107  ex-SOU X-2712									
 X108  ex-SOU X-2708									
 109   ex-unknown     Resheathed with plywood, to NF&D 109									
 110   ex-unknown     Disposition unknown									
 111   ex-unknown     Disposition unknown									
 1     ex-N&W 518056, Class CF, Acq. 5/61, retired 10/27/71									
 2     ex-N&W 518123, Class CF, Acq. 5/61									

 Cabs 109-111 were acquired in a sale from the N&W(with several pieces									
 of other freight equipment) in 6/55. The previous owner of these cars									
 is currently unknown, however, they are identical to a group of DT&I									
 wooden cabs. We need documentation on these if such paperwork exists.									
 I have photos of 109 as NF&D, but not 110 and 111.									

A&D 1 and 2 most likely became NF&D cabs 1 and 2(there were a pair of RS36's with the same numbers by the way). However, the cab I inspected as former NF&D 1 in Southampton County, had N&W paint under the NF&D paint, and clearly showed the former number to be N&W 518338. Clearly the ex-number does'nt match the above said number, but there is a more puzzling question here. If NF&D 1 is the same car as above, how did the N&W paint get on the car between the A&D tongue and groove siding, and the NF&D plywood siding? Was the original A&D 1 in too bad of shape, and replaced? A&D never owned a steel cab. Information furnished by Russell Underwood NOTES


Series 2001-2025     In June 1954, 25 ex-NYC 40' Boxcars were purchased from									
the Ortner Car Company, at a cost of $2000 each, on a five year conditional									
sales agreement. These cars were delivered during August and September of									
               Source: A&D Rwy Annual Report 1954									

Series 2026-2035     Ten boxcars were purchased, along with 15 other pieces									
of rolling stock, on June 15, 1955, from the N&W Rwy, for a total of									
$38,535. The note was financed thru The National Bank of Commerce, Norfolk,									
Va., and was due on May 1, 1960. The other equipment included 10 gondolas, 2									
hoppers, and 3 cabooses.									
               Source: A&D Rwy Annual Report 1955									
Series 2100- ?      These cars are rebuilt from N&W Class BS door and a									
half 40' Boxcars,in which the half door was removed, and covered with an									
additional panel, in effect, making them single door cars. They were used									
for transporting grain, and other clean lading.									
               Source: Study of Photographs									

Series 2200-2299    On October 1, 1957, 100 ex-N&W Class B7a 40' boxcar									
purchased from the N&W Rwy for $163,635.38. The note was due on November 24,									
1961. The cars were originally built in 1930, and were stenciled "N&W									
Railway, Owner & Lessor".									
               Source: A&D Rwy Annual Report 1957									

Series 3001-3010    Ten ex-N&W GU Class 41' steel gondolas were purchased on									
June 15, 1955. The GU class was built in 1925.									
               Source: A&D Rwy Annual Report 1955									

Series 1101-1137    37 ex-N&W Class FD 39'11" Pulpwood Racks were acquired									
on June 15, 1955.  									
               Source: A&D Rwy Annual Report 1955									

Series 1138-1140    Three ex-N&W Class F2 Pulpwood racks were acquired on									
June 15,1955. The cars are 47' long, and were built in 193_.									
               Source: A&D Rwy Annual Report 1955									

Series 4001-4002    Two 38' ex-N&W Class H3 (?) 70 Ton 3-Bay Hoppers were									
acquired on June 15, 1955.									
               Source: A&D Rwy Annual Report 1955									

Compiled 1/13/00  Russell Underwood									

Does anybody have photos or info of units from ACL or SAL which 									
were leased to the Atlantic & Danville in the early 60's.									
Fred Mullins									
Here's what I have on lease from the SAL to the A&D:									

GP7's #1706, #1712, #1725, #1732, #1734, #1743, #1754, and #1759.									
They also leased at least one F3 unit, #4025. I have seen a photo of									
this unit at the Lawrenceville shops, with an A&D RS2.									

In addition, the A&D also had units leased from the C&O and N&W									
during this time.									

The C&O leased the A&D S2's #5000, #5003, #5005, #5007, and #5100. 									
I have some of the inspection reports for these units while on A&D.									

The N&W leased the A&D T6's #18, #45, and #46. The two more interesting									
units leased to the A&D were a pair of ex-VGN FM H16-44's , #121 and #126.									
I found a shot of the switching Franklin, VA in a set from Chione.									

Can anyone else add to this list???									

Russell Underwood									


Frame Engine black 414110
Trucks Engine black 414110
Body main color faded Engine black 414110
Body main color new Engine black 414110
Body second color White 414113
Body separator stripe none
Handrails, grabs Black 414110
Stanchions Black 414110
Walkway Engine black 414110
Edge Walkway White 414113
Lettering White 414113
Number boards black/white numbers
Decals C

NFD NORFOLK FRANKLIN & DANVILLE solid blue Blue-CSX blue #414221 add 1/2 cap black #414110 decals C

All color mixes are based on PollyScale Acrylics paint numbers.
All bottle sizes are 1 fluid ounce size.
Capful refers to the cap on the bottle.
HK=Herald King decals for reference only these are no longer available.
MS=Microscale Decals
C=Custom made on Alps Printer


Russell, how did you do the lettering and, more importantly, the
striping on the RS-3?  Or did you not do the A&D style striping?  I'm
drawing a blank right now as to what the heck an NF&D RS-3 looked

Craig Zeni

It's another one of those split image schemes, with the unit wearing the
colors of the A&D, but carrying lettering for the NF&D on the cab sides. The
pin stripes inside the white field are Walthers pin stripes (the curved set
too). They actually worked quite well.
For years, I have butchered WM boxcar sets and gondola sets, depending on
what size lettering I needed. WM boxcar sets for NF&D boxcars, and WM gon
sets for cabs and engines. You cut off the vertical leg of the "D", and you
have the D. At first, I tried to use some of the other lettering for the "N"
and "F", but soon found it easier to cut the other letters from the speed
stripes. This also makes the final result look better.
Bill Schneider at Branchline Trains has everything needed (roster, photos,
lettering diagram,data info) to do the NF&D cars using his Blueprint Series
50' DD Boxcar kit, which is accurate for the later NF&D cars in series
2424-2499. Slight side sill mods would yeild you cars in NF&D series
2300-2423. I'm hoping that  the NF&D will become one of the next road names
in his line of excellent kits.

Russell Underwood
S.A. McCall