by ho sam

All color mixes are based on PollyScale Acrylics paint numbers.
All bottle sizes are 1 fluid ounce size.
Capful refers to the cap on the bottle.
HK=Herald King decals for reference only these are no longer available.
MS=Microscale Decals
C=Custom made on Alps Printer

MACON DUBLIN & SAVANNAH Red & Black Red-Caboose red #414128 Black-Engine black #414110 decals-MS#87-565 (switchers late) MACON DUBLIN & SAVANNAH Green/orange letters Green-Pullman Green #414284 Black-Engine black #414110 decals-none available


Just received yesterday a painting diagram from Alco Historic Photos. MD&S Alco RS2s and RS3s were painted as follows: Main body: Kirker AY-2928-G Pullman green. Striping and lettering - Kirker orange AY-2872-Y. Striping consisted of a 4-inch orange wide band along the top of the hood doors and around the end to a "V" under the headlights. Ten inch high "MD&S" lettering on long hood in SAL style lettering. Nine inch numbers on the cab sides inside a 17 inch tall, orange rectangle that has a I" border. A 30 inch diameter herald was on short hood end. Does any one know if these colors match SAL Pullman green DUCO 254-4558 and SAL orange DUCO 254-32655? Warren Calloway
S.A. McCall