Connects with ET&WNC, C&O, INTERSTATE, N&W, SCL and YANCEY. 22.5 Miles from Elkhorn City, W VA to Caney, W VA. 276.9 Miles from Caney, W VA to Spartansburg, SC.

FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS SEE Clinchfield country Became part of the CSX System in 1983.



All color mixes are based on PollyScale Acrylics paint numbers.
All bottle sizes are 1 fluid ounce size.
Capful refers to the cap on the bottle.
HK=Herald King decals for reference only these are no longer available.
MS=Microscale Decals
C=Custom made on Alps Printer

CLINCHFIELD gray & yellow Gray-CSX gray #414218 add 1/4 cap reefer white #414113 Yellow-CSX yellow 414215 decals MS #87-913

CLINCHFIELD black Black-engine black #414110 decals MS 87-913


Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 Subject: Re: [CRRlist] Fw: [SEMRA] clinchfield GP7 << I WANT TO MODEL A CRR GP7 WITH DYNAMIC BRAKES IN THE EARLY 70'S IF POSSIBLE >I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO MODEL IT WITH A HANDCOCK AIR CHIME NEED TO KNOW DATES OF >WHEN THEY PAINTED THEM BLACK AND IF THEY CHANGED THE HORN I HAVE LOOKED IN >THE CLINCHFIELD COUNTRY BOOK PLENTY OF GOOD PICTURES BUT NO DATES .I KNOW >THAT THE SD40'S CAME IN BLACK 6-71 ALSO THE U36C'S CAME IN 71. >WHEN DID CRR START PAINTING BLACK . > > THANKS LOUIS . >Louis, You have the dates correct. Most of the older units including the GP7s >and F units were painted black starting in 1971. We have compiled a list of >them with the horn selections and photos dates below: > >As far as I can tell, all >the GPs were delivered wiht the single chime Wabco style horns. But, in the >1950s the CRR very early on replaced them with the Hancock whistles. Then in >the 1960s, the CRR replaced alot of them wiht the Nathan 5 chime forward like >the Overland #9003. Once again, the CRR replaced some units with Leslie style >three chimes like on the SD40s. I dont remember ever seeing a horn mounted on >the fireman's side. >It really depends on the time period you are modelling. For me they are as >follows: > >CRR units with one chime Wabco horns for the 1970s black and yellow era: >901, 910, >CRR units with the Hancock Whistle in Black and yellow scheme: >907, 908, 909, 913, >CRR units with the 5 chime Nathan horn in Black and yellow: >905, 902, 904, 914,919 >CRR units with three chime Leslie, Black and Yellow: 915 > >CRR units in the Yellow and grey: Horn types worn according to my photos: >900 single, Nathan 5, >901, single and Nathan 5 >902, Nathan 5 all photos >903, Nathan 5 >904, Hancock, >905, Hancock, Nathan 5 >906, No view >907, Hancock, >908, Hancock, Nathan 5 >909, Hancock >910, Single, Nathan 5 and Lesle 3 >911, ? >912, ? >913, Hancock >914, Nathan 5 >915, Leslie 3 >917? >917? >918 Nathan 5 >919 Single and Nathan 5 > >Can anyone else add to this list??? >Bob Helm REPLY: >Yellow/Grey > >906- Nathan 5 chime >907- Nathan 5 chime, Hancock >909- Nathan 5 chime >911- Nathan 5 chime >912 - Hancock on top of short hood. >913 - Hancock and M5 on top of short hood. >914- Single Bell >915 -M-5 >916- M-5 >917- M-5 >Warren Calloway Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 Subject: Re: Clinchfield F-units in black In a message dated 1/14/99, 8:59:20 PM, SEMRA@LISTSERV.DARTMOUTH.EDU writes: <> All that I knowoff the top of my head that got the black were: 200, 800, 802, 803, 807, 810, 813, 814, 819, & 821. Will check through the negative files and see what others might have been. Warren Calloway Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 Subject: Re: Clinchfield S&J Custom Models wrote: > Y'all > What color was the cab interior on Clinchfield's SD45-2's? > Thanks. Judd,They were green. Now, this is not the same light mint green that the interiors of say, Chessie locomotives were painted or SCL cabooses. That color looks just like SAL locomotive mint green. The CRR SD45-2's were painted a darker color green than that. I'll watch this thread very closely today and this evening and if no one has given you a suggestion for a color match based on commerically available paints, I'll delve into my photos and see if I can help you out. A slightly darker variation of BN Green would be close though (just trying to recall from memory). Anybody else out there have any suggestions? Gary Wright Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 Subject: Re: Clinchfield Paint Phil Minch wrote: > Last July or thereabouts there was a discussion of Dupont paint colors > for locomotives. It seems like someone had a source to find the paint > numbers, but I couldn't find it in the archives. > > I would like to know the grey and yellow paints used on Clinchfield > locomotives. Can someone help? > > Phil Minch Dark Gray: Du Pont 254-35456 - pilot below anticlimber and fuel tank skirt Gray: Du Pont 254-31402 carbody including ends except for roof aft of enginemen doors Yellow - Don' treally know. EMD S&P 8140339 for CRR Fs says Du Pont 254-026XX. Nothing in the Du Pont Color Dex has a yellow starting with 062 in the old color code or the master color code. Try the King CRR book. Ron Sebastian Date: Wed, 14 Jun 20000 Subject: Re: clinchfield paint At 09:32 PM 6/13/00 -0700, Marshall and Diane Stewart wrote: > In regards to the Clinchfield RR's gray paint scheme, what color were >the pilots and the sideframes and fuel tanks on their SD 40's. I somehow >ran across a deal on two Kato HO SD-40's for a hundred bucks and am >dumping the Santa Fe and Burlington Northern paints for the gray >Clinchfield....even though the railroad has nothing whatsoever to do with >what I model... Marshall at NS Good Morning, The pilots, trucks, frame, tanks and step wells were black. The walkway sideframes were yellow including the same top portion of the pilots. Edges of steps were yellow. Handrails were gray with the risers from steps to first stanchion were yellow. Top of walkways were black also. Only three colors on entire engine, gray, yellow and black. Now this is how they were when new and clean. An older unit is gray overall from road grime etc so the pilot, trucks, tanks, frame look almost like the original body gray color. Another item to look for is the numberboards, some had white with black numbers, some had black with white letters and some had yellow with black numbers. S.A. McCall(hosam) Aug 21/01 lnrr talk-list Clinchfield (Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio) was leased Jointly by ACL and L&N in May 1923, later purchased (50/50) about 1930, this was L&N outlet for coal from Harlan District, to keep from bringing back to near Corbin and handling through Middlesborough, this by Construction of the Switchback at Hagans and Smiley gave them a connection with the original CV Division through to N&W, Interstate Railroad, then the ACL and L&N got trackager rights over the N&W to Norton and trackage rights over the Interstate Railroad to Miller Yard, on the Clinchfield. There by giving L&N direct connection to ACL over the CC&O (Clinchfield) Ira ? Aug 21/01 lnrr talk-list Actually, there was never a direct connection of the L&N and CRR. The connection was made either via the Interstate Railroad (later Southern), or the N&W. Stuart Thayer
S.A. McCall