In 1972 the Chessie System was formed. This was basically the C&O/B&O which merged in 1962. In 1974 the B&O acquired control of the Western Maryland. The Chessie and the SCL continued to operate independently. New paint schemes were developed for all units under the Chessie System. In 1985 CSX was reorganized and the Chessie and Seaboard System were brought under the control of the new CSXT. Work in progress


ROAD Chessie System all units 1972-77
Frame CSX Blue #414221
Trucks CSX Blue #414221
Body Top color CSX Blue #414221
Body Middle color D&RGW Orange #414254
Body Bottom color D&RGW Yellow #414257
Handrails, grabs D&RGW Orange #414254
Lettering Blue
Number boards Black/White numbers
Decals MS #87-400

All color mixes are based on PollyScale Acrylics paint numbers. All bottle sizes are 1 fluid ounce size. Capful refers to the cap on the bottle. HK=Herald King decals for reference only these are no longer available. MS=Microscale Decals C=Custom made on Alps Printer
S.A. McCall