Connects with AGS, BBRR, CofGA, GM&O, IC, L&N, SCL, SLSF and SOUTHERN.
17.9 Miles from Birmingham, AL to Bessemer, AL. 6.0 Miles from Thomas Junction, AL to Exum, AL. 19.9 Miles from Ensley, AL to Port Birmingham, AL. Freight service only.


Number Mf'gr Model Date
10 EMD SW-1000  
11 EMD SW-1000  
21 EMD NW-2  
24 EMD NW-2  
91 EMD SW-900  
92 EMD SW-900  
93 EMD SW-900  
94 EMD SW-900  
95 EMD SW-900  
150 ALCO RS-2  
151 ALCO RS-3  
152 ALCO RS-3  
153 ALCO RS-3  
154 ALCO RS-3  
160 ALCO RSD-5  
200 EMD SW-1200  
201 EMD SW-1200  
219 EMD SW-1001  
644 EMD SD-9  
658 EMD SD-18  
701 EMD GP-38  
702 EMD GP-38  
703 EMD GP-38  
704 EMD GP-38  


Caboose B-1: 8 wheeled, wooden, with side door and coupola. Blind ends.

Cabooses B-2 through B-8; 4 wheeled wooden bobbers with center coupolas, 
similar to the old AHM models.

Caboose X-1: 8 wheeled steel. original owner /builder unknown, but it looks 
like an odd cross between the MDC 2 window and a Pennsy N-5. I really think 
it is a early PRR steel cab as it has tender style stirrup steps...

Information furnished by Chris Howard

by ho sam

BIRMINGHAM SOUTHERN Green & Yellow Green-C&NW green #414188 Yellow-Reefer yellow #414122 BIRMINGHAM SOUTHERN Orange Orange-GN orange #414224 decals for both MS MC-4134 All color mixes are based on PollyScale Acrylics paint numbers.
All bottle sizes are 1 fluid ounce size.
Capful refers to the cap on the bottle.
HK=Herald King decals for reference only these are no longer available.
MS=Microscale Decals
C=Custom made on Alps Printer

S.A. McCall