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by D. BOTT

Paint scheme was simple: engine black steamers with passenger locos having 
decorative striping boxes on tender and cab side.  All done in Southern 
Railway gold-yellow coloring.  I have NO IDEA if tender decks or slope 
sheets were red, and no one who remembers seeing the A&Y can tell me 
either.  We'll probably never know.  I don't lose sleep over it :-)

Lettering (I haven't estimated sizes using photographic geometry techniques 
and until there is an accurate steam locomotive model of any A&Y engine, 
it's almost a moot point):

Freight: Atlantic & Yadkin on cab side with # below (Southern Railway 
Lessor, or words to that effect, in very small print at bottom beginning at 
forward edge of cab) and large # on side of tender.  All of this in Roman 
font.  I have no end shot photographs to see if tender had anything on 
back.  # on headlamp varied with locomotive, but was usually in the 
Southern Spencer Shops style (but as always, see photos for particular model).

Passenger: Atlantic & Yadkin on side of tender with decorative striping in 
rectangle around edges.  Decorative box striping in front of cab and again 
surrounding road # below cab window.  Note: road name not on cab of 
passenger units.
S.A. McCall