Accupaint and Accucals are manufactured by: S M P Industries
                                            63 Hudson Road, P.O. Box 72
                                            Bolton, MA 01740-0072

For more information on Accu-Paint go to SMP INDUSTRIES

According to the web site SMP Accu-paint is a solvent based lacquer.
Lacquers dry by evaporation and generally takes less than an hour to dry and may be masked and painted, a different color as soon as dry.
Lacquers generally form a thinner coating than most Enamels.
Accu-paint is a solvent based Acrylic Lacquer which uses alcohols and acetone as it's solvent and generally can be used on most plastics , metals or wood and drys to a thin hard finish in about hour.
Accu-paint offers primers, thinners and gloss, semi-gloss and satin finishes. Also offered is a "weathering" finish.

S.A. McCall