For more information on Modelflex go to BADGER MODELFLEX PAINTS for colors and instructions on how to apply. From the web site: PAINT FOR THE PROFESSIONAL MODELER. If youre not satisfied until every detail is perfect, then let MODELflex bring your models to life. It is a superior hobby paint designed to help modelers achieve authentic, professional painting results, with greater ease and proficiency. Waterbased MODELflex is easy to apply with an air brush or paint brush and clean up is fast and easy with MODELflex cleaner. MODELflex paint dries in 12 to 15 minutes at room temperature (3 to 5 minutes if heat dried). With 120 authentic colors to choose from, MODELflex has you covered no matter what you model. From the RM-modeler talk-list: Jan 18, 2002 Ladies/Gentleman/others, May I ask a favor? I need your help. It appears the operator's of the rumor mill have chosen to throw Badger in it again. Please help me squash any rumours related to the discontinuation of MODELflex paint by forwarding this e-mail to as many relevant people you know of (and have e-mail addresses for), and by either posting this e-mail on every site and/or chatroom you participate in, and/or know of, or letting others know you heard directly from the President of Badger Air-Brush Co. that BADGER is not discontinuing MODELflex Paint! Badger has not, is not, and will not give any consideration to discontinuing MODELflex paint! To the contrary, Badger is developing Modelflex into other paint line products including the soon to be available ImagineAir sign paint, a short run custom color railroad range (4select colors per year) and the already available, for sometime, FreakFlex (fantasy figure and creature colors) and Marine MODELflex (60 marine colors). Additionally, if you know the source of these rumours I would greatly appreciate your letting me know who it is. I do not know what these parties hope to accomplish through their malicious juvenille acts of making up and spreading false information (other than the destruction of their own credibility when their rumours prove to be false), but I sure would like to contact them and find out. Badger has put extensive time and great effort into the MODELflex paint product. Our intention was to develop and make available to modelers the best hobby paint possible. We have succeeded in that goal (that's not just our opinion, but hundreds, if not thousands, of modelers as well) and will continue with our objective and the resulting MODELflex product for as long as the Good Lord allows. Sales of the MODELflex paint line are doing very well and continue to grow as more and more modelers try it. They like so many others find out MODELflex is indeed the finest, safest, most user friendly, professional result achieving, water based paint finish in the hobby market. If anyone you know of questions Badger Air-Brush Co. intentions regarding MODELflex paint (or any other Badger product) please tell them to e-mail me directly at or call me at 1(800)AIR-BRUSH. By the way, I'll take this opportunity to get in a cheap plug for our new soon to be released (MarchApril) videos (all featuring the usage of MODELflex paints) Basic Model Painting with the Airbrush (featuring John Lee & Dan Osborn) Tips, Tricks, and Airbrush Techniques for Super Detailing Models (featuring Joe Porter) Aging and Weathering Models (and stuff) with the Airbrush (featuring Mac McCalla) Thanks for your time and help in this matter. Regards and Take air, BADGER AIR-BRUSH CO. Ken Schlotfeldt President Jan 18, 2002 That is awesome that the President of Badger wrote that letter. I, like most of you, love to hear the story straight from the company. For those of you that haven't tried it, it's great paint. Badger had a booth at the NMRA National Convention and was selling their paints for $1 a bottle as a promotion. I've been sold! Their bottles are plastic.......a plus for me ever since that Conrail blue shattered in my hand, and they have a airbrush cap that goes right on the bottle, so shake, stir, airbrush right from the bottle. Finally, no thinning or mixing is required. The only way it can get simpler is if Badger did the painting for me. Thanks Ken, keep up the good work! Mike Huchko
S.A. McCall