C-420 Drive Gear Replacements

 Subj:   Roco(?) C420 gear
 Date:   5-19-2000
 From:   NWSL
 To:     Mark Gugliotta

 Several months ago you inquired "Are the wheelsets in your Jan. 00 MR ad.
for Roco / Lima C420's . They have a REAL problem with split gears." and I
replied based on the information provided that the #2540-6 set should fit.

However, subsequent events have brought that into question. The Lima C420 is apparently NOT a ROCO built locomotive but the heritage seems to be Lima (marketed by Model Power) - and then Rivarossi (bot the Lima assets). While the information we have accumulated indicates that the Lima C420 does have a 10 tooth gear, it is NOT the same as the ROCO 10 tooth axle gear (which is a larger tooth size - 0.6 module). Therefore the #2540-6 will NOT fit the C420-wrong axle size and wrong gear size.
Based on accumulated information and sample wheelsets from a modeler, we are working on upgrade wheelsets with the proper size axle and gear to work in the Lima C420. The axle is 2.5mm, but this is not a common axle size.
Therefore we have made some samples with our standard 2.4mm axle and are awaiting operation test rpeorts from a modeler before we proceed to manufacture more. These will be the #2554-6 series wheelsets.
Thank you for your reply. The ROCO have 0.6 mod (tooth size)(7.2mm/0.283" OD) x 10T axle gear on 2.0mm axle. The C420 can use the #2540-6 etc. upgrade geared wheelsets.
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HOSAM submitted the following to the Information Beltway:

Daves post earlier on the S2's got me to looking at photos concerning the shutters on these models. All pics in Withers book "Diesels of the Southern Railway".
Looks as if the units started out with vertical shutters on early deliveries then in early 1944 changed to horizontal then back to vertical in late 1944. Proof that the only way to model a unit is with picture in hand.... Here is what I come up with--- Southern #6057 delivered 10/41 has vertical shutters Cof Ga #21 delivered 10/40 has vertical shutters Cof Ga #29 delivered 04/44 has horizontal shutters Cof Ga #32 delivered 06/45 has vertical shutters Cof Ga #330 delivered 05/44 has horizontal shutters Cof GA #332 delivered 06/45 has vertical shutters Cof Ga #335 delivered 04/48 has vertical shutters Sou #2212 delivered 06/44 has horizontal shutters Sou #2213 delivered 09/44 has vertical shutters Sou #2220 delivered 11/44 has vertical shutters Sou # 2228 delivered 05/45 has vertical shutters Sou # 2232 delivered 06/45 has vertical shutters Sou #2208 per Daves post, del 4/44 has horizontal shutters no pic in book Sou # 2209 per pic in Cheney&Sweetlands book del 04/44 has horizontal shutters Anyone got any more pics and dates????

Mr. Black suggests that VERY few changes were made in these switchers over time. Horns, headlights, bell position, fan guard flush or with space, extra box near fuel tank, lowered engineer's window in back, cab shades and exhaust stack were about the only changes---all minor and all varied by individual locomotive.
From the TIES magazine article, March-April 1998 regarding shutters on radiator: DS-6057 CNO&TP shows a two-section screen with vertical shutters INSIDE (builders photo) 2232 SOU shows vertical outside (builders photo) 2210 SOU shows horizontal outside (April 1946) 2215 SOU shows vertical outside (May 1947) 2232 SOU shows vertical outside (May 1947) 2222 SOU shows vertical outside (Nov 1953) 2218 SOU shows vertical outside (Aug 1956) 2230 SOU shows vertical outside (Aug 1959) 2219 SOU shows vertical outside (Mar 1967) 2217 SOU shows vertical outside (Mar 1969) 2230 SOU again shows vertical outside (Jun 1970) 2232 SOU again shows vertical outside (May 1970) 2212 SOU shows horizontal outside (Feb 1970) 1817 CoG shows vertical outside pre-painted builders photo (Apr 1940) 23 CoG shows vertical outside builders photo (Nov-Dec 1941) 31 CoG shows vertical outside (1945 built, but no date on photo) 32 CoG again shows vertical outside (Aug 1964) 31 CoG again shows vertical outside (Mar 1967) 21 CoG shows vertical outside (Mar 1970) Also some more info regarding which units might be similar because of similar build dates/shop order #'s: SOU 6057-6059 and CoG 23-24 were Shop No. S-1848 (built 1941) SOU 2209 - 2212 and CoG 28-30 were Shop No. S-1930 (built 1944) SOU 2213 - 2217 were Shop No. S-1941 (built 1944) SOU 2218 - 2225 were Shop No. S-1943 (built 1944) SOU 2226 - 2232 and CoG 31-32 were Shop No. S-1965 (built 1945) CoG 33-34 were Shop No. S-3012 (built 1946) CoG 35 was Shop No. S-3051 (built 1948) David Bott



>  Am always looking for an interesting project to kitbash.  Can you point
>me toward some pictures of the S2's with the round fans or the RS-1's
>with same??  Any idea what road they went to??

 Lessee, Kirkland's Alco book has a photo of EJ&E 451. The fan was the
same that Alco used on the HH900/1000s, so that might help you some. The
S1s used a smaller round fan- that was a carryover from the HH600/660s.
The only round-fan[1] RS1 that I've seen a picture of is AStAB 901 and the
flat black "Alco 1831" in Alco Reference #1. I'd like to find a picture of
the original 902, to see if it had the round fan or not.

David Thompson

[1] A few RS1s built at the end of the 1950s had the round fan used on
the T6, but that was a different design from the early round fan.



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