>Ingals had designs for a switcher, a road unit ( and built it, the 4S) and a
>passenger unit. I think there was more info in an issue of the GM&O HS a few
>years back.  Charlie A.

According to the Marre book "50 years..." Ingalls built only one of the 4S
models.  The proposed line included 5 different models:
4-S 1500 hp multi=purpose turret cab model sold to GM&O as #1900.
3-S  1000 hp model multi-purpose.
16-S  660 hp switcher identical to the Alco S-3.
5-S   1000 hp switcher identical to the Alco S-4.
17A An A-1-A trucked model similar to the 1946 Baldwin demos which were
sold to the NeDeM as 6000-6002.

Dream on, I think 3 of these would be in order, one painted in the Demo
scheme, and two painted in the GM&O schemes...hosam...

I have noticed a couple more additions to my previous post.  The dimensions
below are from Model Railroader drawings of Nov. 1951.

>Here are some dimensions for the 4S:
>Truck centers 32'-03"
>Truck wheelbase 9'-06"
>Length overall 58'-08" (coupler to coupler faces)
>center front truck to front coupler face 12'-00"
>height overall 15'-03"(15'-04") I read it wrong
>43" wheel diameter

Here are some more dimensions from the Model Railroader Cyclopedia of 1980.
Truck centers 33'-00"
Truck wheelbase 9'-06"
Length overall 59'-01" (coupler to coupler faces)
center front truck to front coupler face 13'-0 1/2"
height overall 15'-00"
42" wheel diameter

S.A. McCall