Box lumber
Cants, resawed (lumber)
Ceiling lumber, dressed
Chipper mills
Custom sawmills
Cut stock, softwood
Flitches (veneer stock), made in sawmills
Flooring (dressed lumber), softwood
Fuelwood, from mill waste
Furniture dimension stock, softwood
Kiln drying of lumber
Lath, made in sawmills and lathmills
Lumber stacking or sticking
Lumber, kiln drying of
Lumber: rough, sawed, or planed
Planing mills, independent: except millwork
Railroad ties, sawed
Resawing lumber into smaller dimensions
Sawdust and shavings
Sawmills, custom
Sawmills, except special product mills
Siding, dressed lumber
Silo stock, wood: sawed
Snow fence lath
Stud mills
Ties, railroad: sawed
Tobacco hogshead stock
Wood chips produced at mill
S.A. McCall