Kaolin-A white clay which retains a white color when fired. Kaolin is mined primarily in the Southeastern United States of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

Kaolin is shipped in boxcars in 50 lb bags, one ton bags and in bulk in closed pnuematic unloading type hoppers. Kaolin slurry is shipped in tank cars . For more information see China Clay Producers Assoc.

Kaolin is used in many products, here are some of them.

Ceramics of all kinds such as sanitaryware used in restrooms; whiteware of all kinds plates, platters etc; electrical insulators; floor and wall tiles, etc....Most of this is shipped in dry bulk in closed hoppers. Can also be shipped in one ton bags and for the smaller user in 50lb bags in standard box cars.

Coatings for paper products, book stock, fine paper for slick magazines, probably the finest example is the paper used in National Geographic. Most of this is shipped as a slurry in tank cars.

Used as an extender in Paints & coatings products. Shipped in dry bulk usually in closed hoppers or in one ton bags.

Used as filler/extenders in a variety of industrial applications including: soft and hard rubber compounds, plastics, adhesives, protective coatings, traffic paints, joint compounds and other similar applications. Shipped in bulk or 50lb bags.

Used in carpeting, fiberglas and plastic parts for autos, televisions & computers. Shipped in bulk and 50 lb bags...

Kaolin has been proposed for use as a pesticide recently.....

Kaolin (hydrated aluminium silicate) is used as an anti-acid. Check labels sometimes.

S.A. McCall