There is a Paper Mill in Canton, NC on the Pigeon River and there is also one
south of Knoxville, TN on I-75 close to Cleveland, TN but I cannot recall the
name of the town.

Allen Cain

You did a great job compiling this list.  In seeing it in total, I realized
that I forgot a major industry when I first gave you my input.

Here are some to add to your vast database:

North Carolina:  Furniture, paper, pulpwood, aluminum (alumina, coke, tar,
ingots), seafood, peaches

Tennessee:  Aluminum (alumina, coke, tar, ingots), Jack Daniels (Oak barrels
and other fine ingredients)

Sorry that I left these off of my original list to you.

Perhaps you would be so kind as to let folks send in the extra input and then
republish the list?

Allen Cain

Sam, we have 2,4, and 8 in the Augusta, GA area plus a lot of Kaolin Clay, 
which you did not mention.  That is a major business down here, along with 
rock quarries. 

OK, the brick plant gets boxcars being loaded out.  CNC and the other
chemical plants get tank cars, both incoming but mostly loads out.  The
Kaolin clay plants, depending on the type of plant, gets LC's for loading
and also unloading, LO's for loads out, and tanks for loads out.  They do
some shipping in boxcars also, and at least one plant loads containers
on flat cars.  The paper mills get chip hoppers in and some pole cars,
but most of  the pulpwood and logs arrive by truck.  
They ship paper out in boxcars.
The Chlorine plant gets LO's in and tank cars out.  PQX ships both covered
hoppers (LO's) and tank cars, and receive the same.  Olin Matheson gets a
lot of hoppers (LO's) but I do not know if they are loads in or out.  The
power plant gets coal loads in empties out, obviously.

Jack Parker

> 5. Electric Generation power plants
> 8. Agricultural products

US Sugar has a big commitment to rail. They have mills all around Lake
Okeechobee in Florida. They also had a deal, that has soured, to generate
electricity using the waste product from the sugar refineries. 
Rail is/was used to transport this to the the mills with the generating
I have a small Photopoint album showing photos of USSC's Bryant Mill here

USSC operates the South Central Florida Express. The SCFE operates on the
FEC's K-Branch on the east side of the Lake Okeechobee and on old ACL, SCL,
CSX track on the west side.
For more information see US Sugar's web page here   

Also in Belle Glade, FL there is a fertilizer distributor that uses rail to
receive its product. I have a larger album about it here

Tom Byrne

> > 3. Steel mill
> Nucor has just started up a new one in NE NC.  I don't know any details
> about rail traffic.  They get scrap metal through Morehead City port via
> barge.

At Tunis, NC...scrap metal in, steel plate out from what I've seen.

> > 5. Electric Generation power plants
> There is a coal plant in Goldsboro and a nuclear plant in Southport

NS delivers coal to the Goldsboro plant in unit trains, typically train

Craig Zeni

> 1. Petroleum Refinery
> 2. Chlorine plant
There was a captive chlor/alkali plant in Rigelwood that was recently closed
as being one of the biggest mercury polluters in the nation.

> 3. Steel mill
Nucor has just started up a new one in NE NC.  I don't know any details
about rail traffic.  They get scrap metal through Morehead City port via

> 4. Paper mill
Weyerhauser has a mill in New Bern.  Fereral paper has a large mill in

> 5. Electric Generation power plants
There is a coal plant in Goldsboro and a nuclear plant in Southport

> 6. Ship docks
Morehead City port shipped coal until about 1990, then shifted to wood
chips.  They recieved jet fuel until the mid '90's for DOD.  Lots of old,
silver domed tank cars went by going to the several NC air bases.  They also
ship loads of frozen chickens to Europe (Russia) and import rubber (which
likely goes to Kelly Tire in Fayetteville and Firestone around Wilson /
Rocky Mount).
> 7. Building material producers
> 8. Agricultural products

> 9. Any Industries specific to your state on a seasonal basis
In the days of the old NS, they used to ship fish and seafood west on the
"Old Mullet Road", the A&ENC.
Clay Dulaney

>   All the below industries are located west of Atlanta, Ga.on the Norfolk
> Southern.
>  > 1. Petroleum Refinery
>  We have one of these in Douglasville, Ga..  It receives empty tank cars
> sends them out full of hot tar. There are about 10 to 12 cars on the
> at all times.
> > 6. Ship docks
>   Savannah!!!! Big sea port, lots of container traffic.
I was reminded by this post that Morehead City imports and ships railcars
full of asphalt.

> > 7. Building material producers
>  There is a big brick maker on the northwest side of Atlanta near the
> plant, I mention above.
Owens Corning (now Turnbull) has an asphalt shingle plant at the port.  I se
lots of trucks of roofing tar "kegs" going by, don't know about rail
shipments of shingles.

>  Mike Gilmore

There is a great list of industries on Ry-ops-industrialSIG by region and
state, with the industry described along with the RR served and items
shipped / received.  They have a list of industries in the file section with
18,600 industries listed.  The bad news is you have to be a member.
Go to Ry-ops-sig on Yahoo to become a member.  

Clay Dulaney

Our database(Ry-ops-industrialSIG) is available to interested users by
posting on the OpSig Ops-Ind egroup site. Because of size, it is divided
into 9 regions in 6 files:

NE+CD - ME NH VT MA CT RI plus CD - Canada
OF - (Official Territory) NY NJ PA DE MD OH IN IL MI
SC+MX - MO AR LA TX OK KS plus MX - Mexico

We welcome corrections and additions, especially industries on other
operating model railroads. Note that this is only an exchange of information
and we are not planning or offering any physical exchange of cars. I look
forward to hearing from you.
Operations SIG

Following are some industries located in Memphis.

> 1. Petroleum Refinery

Mapco refinery - in SW Memphis, switched by the IC.
    LP tank cars (loads in? Or, out?)
    Molten sulphur (loads out)

> 8. Agricultural products

President's island has large Midsouth Milling and Cargill plants.

    Covered hoppers (corn and soy bean loads in)
    Tank cars (vegetable oil and corn sweetener loads out)

> 9. Any Industries specific to your state on a seasonal basis

Coors Brewery - their only brewery outside Golden CO.  They brew Zima and
other Coors branded products, and bottle/can Coors branded for military and
export sales.

    Insulated tank cars (concentrated beer loads in)  These are white CORX
tank cars with large boxes around the dome area.
    Insulated box cars (bottled beer in)  Typically the 62' PCF beer cars
(Eel River Models in HO).

Frank Greene

You should include iron and steel among the Alabama industries.  In the
50s it was still the backbone of the Birmingham economy.  The steel mills
and blast furnaces were served by L&N, Southern and Frisco.  Also
Birmingham Southern served the TCI (later US Steel later USX) mills and
ore and coal mines.  ACL served one ore mine near Bessemer.  L&N,
Southern and Frisco served many coal mines.  There were also the
railroads of Woodward Iron Co.and Sloss Sheffield Steel Iron and Railroad
Co. that served company owned iron and coal mines.  Sloss used L&N
trackage until just recently to reach some of their mines.There were also
Byproducts Plants and Coke works that received coal and shipped coke, tar
and other byproducts of the coking operations. Best I recall these were
served by Birmingham Southern, L&N, Southern, Frisco and the Woodward
Iron co RR.
Nearly all the plants had in plant RR for switching around the works.

Fred Mobley

I forgot the steel mill in Gadsden AL which only recently closed. It was
served by L&N and Southern.

There is/was a large cast iron pipe industry in around Birmingham.  The
ACIPO (American Cast Iron Pipe CO) is served by L&N (CSX),  Southern (NS)
and Birmingham Belt still has inactive trackage to the works.  Birmingham
Belt was owned by Frisco. The US Pipe plants (later Jim Walters
Industries not sure who owns it now) in Birmingham and Bessemer were/are
served by L&N (CSX) and Southern (NS).  There were once several pipe
shops and foundries in Anniston served by L&N and Southern.
Stockham Valve (now defunct) was once one of the largest makers of cast
iron valves in US. It was served by L&N.

Fred Mobley

Perhaps I should have been more specific from the start. 

There are 2 paper mills reasonably close; one in Courtland, AL and the other 
just outside of Iuka, MS. 

There are 2 fertilizer plants in the area; one, IMCC, brings in MAP and 
ammonia and perhaps potash as raw materials (I don't know the grades they 
make, but there are covered hoppers from all over: SOO, BN, ATSF, IMC, CSX, 
and others as well as ammonia and sometimes H3PO4 tank cars). The other plant 
I am not familiar with, but would assume that it operates in much the same
way. It may even produce ammonia, I am not sure. 

There is one chlorine ( and maybe other products) plant that a club member
is modeling (somewhat compressed). He is knowledgable about that plant since he worked there. 

There are several power producing plants in the area, all operated by
Tennessee Valley Authority ( a federal outfit). There is 1 nuclear plant, 2
hydro plants, and 1 fossil fuel plant, all within a 100 mile radius. 

And there is a considerable amount of barge traffic on the Tennessee River
here. During the 1970's the L&N brought coal into Florence, AL. It was
loaded onto barges there and from  there to power plants--I am not sure
right now where the coal went. 

There is a former Reynolds Metals plant here, still doing what Reynolds used
to do: make aluminum. I think the y still make wire and rod, and still
operate a can plant where they make drink cans. A few years ago the can
stock was carried from the main plant to the can plant across town in
Southern all-door boxcars!! 

Hope this has been some help. Are you going to want pictures or something??? 

George Walker

  All the below industries are located west of Atlanta, Ga.on the Norfolk

 > 1. Petroleum Refinery
 We have one of these in Douglasville, Ga..  It receives empty tank cars and
sends them out full of hot tar. There are about 10 to 12 cars on the siding
at all times.

> 3. Steel mill
There was one in downtown Atlanta until about 10 to 15 years ago.  It was
next door to the Amtrak station. Gone now.

> 5. Electric Generation power plants
 We have a few of these around.  Plant Yates just south of Carrollton, Ga..
Also, there is one just northwest of downtown Atlanta. There are a couple
more on the southwest side of Ga.  Not sure of the locations. There is also
a power plant in southeast Alabama, I believe it is in Wilsonville.  It is
serve by rail, I know for a fact!  Two weeks ago, I sat at a crossing for 20
minutes waiting for a unit train to clear.

> 6. Ship docks
  Savannah!!!! Big sea port, lots of container traffic.

> 7. Building material producers
 There is a big brick maker on the northwest side of Atlanta near the power
plant, I mention above.

 That's all for now!

 Mike Gilmore

NS also delivers coal to Belews Creek Power Plant on the Winston-Salem
district (also called the Punkin Vine) as well. I think that might be near
Walnut Cove or somewhere in the vincinity anyway. Pretty neat little
operation. They have to use pushers due to the "hill and dale" profile of the

> > > 5. Electric Generation power plants
> > There is a coal plant in Goldsboro and a nuclear plant in Southport
> >>NS delivers coal to the Goldsboro plant in unit trains, typically train
> #852<<

Richard Matthews

Florida Steel had/has a plant in Indiantown, Florida on the CSX (old
SAL) that used an electric furnace to convert scrap steel into rebar for
the construction industry. (Electric as it was just down the road from a
nuke electric plant). It was a rather un-assuming plant with lots of
gons loaded with scrap steel. I believe most of the finished product was
trucked out to Florida construction sites.

Robert L. Harris

Florida Steel is now AmeriSteel Corp. They have steel mills in Indiantown,
Fl, Tampa, Knoxville, and maybe other locations. (Tampa may be closed
now???) After the rebar is rolled it is shipped out to their fabrication
plants via truck or rail in gons. The fabrication plants are located in FL,
GA, TN, KY, WV, VA, NC, SC,  and I think they have purchased additional fab
plants in the NE.. The rebar is fabricated at these plants and then shipped
via truck to the construction job sites.

I used to work for them when they were Fla Steel. And now they are my
main customer!!!!!

Ron Jones

You can add cotton to Georgia.
My father worked for a cotton broker in LaGrange, GA called Allenberg 
Cotton Co. (Their home office was in Memphis). I worked there also in the 
summers and after school. Cotton bales were shipped in from the gins to the 
warehouse and then sold and shipped out to the cotton mills in Georgia and 
Alabama. THe warehouse was located on the  Atlantic Coast Line's 
LaGrange yard. 

The names of the mills are numerous, but if you like I can come up with a 
few and their locations.

Ron Jones

For Alabama: You failed to mention that Birmingham was the center of the
steel industry in the south.  While there are still a few steel mills here,
it remains the largest producer of iron water pipe in the world.

In the 50's there was U.S. Steel (T.C.I.), Republic Steel, Connors Steel,
Woodward Iron Co., Sloss, U.S. Pipe, McWane Pipe, American Cast Iron Pipe,
ABC Coke.  Railroads included Sou, L&N, ACL, SAL, Frisco, GM&O, IC, BS,
Woodward.  Loads would include scrap iron, coke, coal, iron ore, limestone,
sand, sinter, flat rolled plate, hot bands, blooms, structural, pipe and
chemicals from the coke works.  Ore, coal and limestone from local mines and
quarries didn't have to travel far to get to the furnaces, but there was
some importing of  ore and coke as well.


Steve Davis

Here is a list of some major industries that were located in Mississippi and
approximate dates and railroads that served them. It is by no means a
complete list, but a good starting point. If anyone is interested, I can
also list all of the major sawmills that were located in the state between
1880 and 1950, when lumbering was the most important industry in
Mississippi. I am also listing a few major industries in surrounding states.


Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, 1940-present, MSE, L&N
Higgins Shipbuilding, Higgins, LA (East New Orleans), app 1940-??, L&N
??? Shipbuilding, Pinto Island, AL (Mobile), before 1944-??, AT&N or L&N?

Paper Mills:
Southern Paper Co., Kreole, MS (Moss Point), 1912-c1925, PMP&N-MSE, L&N
International Paper Co., Kreole, MS (Moss Point), c1925-2001, MSE, L&N
International Paper Co., Chickasaw, AL (Mobile), ??-present, AT&N, SOU,
Gulf States Paper Co., Tuscaloosa, AL, before 1940-present, GM&O, L&N, SOU
Gaylord Container Corp. to Crown-Zellerbach Corp., Bogalusa, LA,
c1928-present, GM&N-GM&O
St. Regis Paper Co., Ferguson, MS (near Wanilla), c1968-present, ICG
Marathon Southern Paper Co. to james River Paper Co., Naheola (Myrtlewood),
AL, 1958-present, M&B
International Paper Co., Natchez, MS, 1940's?-present, N&S, IC, MSC
Tennessee River Pulp & Paper Co., Counce, TN, 1958-present, Corinth & Counce
?? Paper Co., SW of Columbus, MS, 1970's??-present, Golden Triangle RR
Leaf River Paper Co., Augusta, MS, 1980's?-present, Old Augusta RR
?? Paper Co., Redwood, MS, 1960's-present, IC

Other wood related industries:
Masonite Corp., Laurel, MS, c1928-present, GM&N-GM&O, SOU
Georgia Pacific, Gloster, MS, ??-present, ICG-GS
Georgia Pacific, Taylorsville, MS, 1960's?-present, IC
Flintkote Corp., Meridian, MS, c.1948-??, GM&O, IC, SOU
Hercules Powder Corp., Hattiesburg, MS, 1920-present, IC, MSC
Hercules Powder Corp., Gulfport, MS, 1920-1926, G&SI-IC
Fernwood Box Co., Fernwood, MS, 1930's-1980's??, FC&G
Georgia Pacific, Wiggins, MS, 1960's??-present, IC
Georgia Pacific, Louisville, MS, purchased from D.L. Fair Lbr. Co.
1960's??-present, GM&O
Weyerhauser, Deweese, MS (S. Philadelphia), purchased from DeWeese Lbr. Co.
1960's?-present, GM&O

Crosby Lbr. & Mfg. Co., Crosby, MS, 1935-1963, IC
Crosby Forest Products, Picayune, MS, c1942-1960's?, PRV
E.L. Bruce Lbr. Co. (later Bruce Hardwood Co.?), Bruce, MS, 1928-present,
Chicago Mill & Lbr. Co., Greenville, MS, c1928-1970's or 80's, C&G
Anderson-Tully, Vicksburg, MS, 1920's-present?, IC
Wiggins Lbr. Co., N. Wiggins, MS, c1950's-present, IC

Creosote Plants:
L&NRR, Gautier, MS, 1873-late 1970's??, L&N
ICRR, Tie Plant, MS, ??-??, IC
Gulf States Creosoting Co., Hattiesburg, MS, 1920's-1950's??, SOU
Gulf States Creosoting Co., Meridian, MS, 1920's-early 1980's?, SOU, IC,
Gulf States Creosoting Co., N. Gulfport, MS, 1920's-early 1980's?, IC
T.J. Moss Tie Co., Columbus, MS, 1928-present, C&G, SOU, SLSF
Louisville Tie Co., Louisville, MS, 1910-present (changed names over the
years), GM&N-GM&O
Gulf States Creosoting Co., Flowood, MS, dates unknown, maybe 1930's-1970's,

Furniture plants:
Pontotoc, Houston, N. Tupelo, all on GM&O

Textile plants:
Stonewall, MS c1860's-present, M&O-GM&O
Laurel, MS c.1900-??, G&SI-IC, SOU
McComb, MS early 1900's-??, IC
Corinth, MS early 1900's-1970's, GM&O
Columbia, MS early 1900's-1970's??, IC
Meridian, MS late 1800's-??, M&O-GM&O, IC, SOU

Gravel Pits:
Columbus Gravel Co., Columbus, MS, 1920's-??, GM&O, C&G, SOU
Green Bros. Gravel Co., Georgetown, MS, 1940's?-1970's?, GM&O
Fleming Gravel Co., Columbus, MS, 1930's-??, SLSF?
Amory Sand & Gravel Co., Amory, MS, 1920's-??, SLSF
Bigbee Sand & Gravel Co., Bigbee, MS, 1920's?-??, SLSF
??, N. Hattiesburg, MS, 1880's-1990's, NO&NE-SOU
Traxler Gravel Co., Crystal Springs, MS, ??-1960's?, IC
Brookhaven Gravel Co., Crystal Springs, MS, IC
Gatesville Gravel Co., Gatesville, MS, before 1938-1960's?, GM&O
Richton Investment Co., Richton, MS, c1920-1970's?, GM&O
Other large pits at: Clifton, Franklinton, and Amite, La., also Columbus,
Kolola Springs, Brookhaven, Hopewell, N. Magee, Saratoga, Carmichael, and

Brick factories:
Louisville Brick Co., Louisville, MS, 1920's-present, GM&O
??, S. Macon, MS, 1950's-present?, GM&O
St. Joe Brick Co., St. Joe, La. (NE Slidell), ??-present, SOU
Corinth Brick Co., Corinth, MS, 1920's-1970's, SOU

Cottonseed Oil Mills:

Buckeye Cotton Oil Co., Corinth, MS, 1920's?-1980's, GM&O
Eagle Cotton Oil Co., Meridian, MS, 1920's?-1960's?, GM&O, SOU
also cottonseed oil mills at Magnolia, West Point, Newton, Tupelo, Yazoo
City, Jackson, Vicksburg, Marks, MS. I'm sure that there were many in the

Cotton Compresses:
Almost every town north of Meridian-Vicksburg line with population over 2000
had a cotton compress and cotton gins. Most compresses were owned by the
Federal Compress Co. Some towns I know of with a Federal Compress include:
Corinth, Tupelo, Okolona, Aberdeen, Columbus, West Point, Macon, Meridian,
Hattiesburg, Gulfport, Columbia (I think), Brookhaven (I think), Hazlehurst,
Jackson, Kosciusko, Canton, Grenada, Holly Springs, New Albany, Pontotoc,
Houston, Louisville, Greenwood, Indianola, Greenville, Lambert, and
Clarksdale, MS.

Pulpwood yards:

Like cotton gins in the north part of the state, almost every town south of
a Meridian-Vicksburg line had a pulpwood yard, or loaded pulpwood on a team
track near the depot. Some company owned loading spurs were located at:
Westvaco Co. 1970's and after: Ripley, S. Booneville, Dennis
?? Co.- N. Buckatunna, MS, 1948-1980's?

Bentonite pits (type of clay):
Fulton-Amory area, and Morton, MS

Other misc industries:
Goodyear Tire Co., Natchez, MS, 1940's-present?, IC (I think)
?? Cement Co., N. Crawford, MS, 1950's??-present, GM&O
Knox Glass Co., Flowood, MS, 1930's-1970's??, GM&O, IC
Dorgan-McPhillips Packing Co. (vegetables), Columbia, MS, 1930's-1970's?, IC
Standard Brands (pickle plant), Wiggins, MS, c.1928-c.1980, IC
Standard Oil Co., later Chevron, refinery, Bayou Casotte, MS (Pascagoula),
c.1958-present, L&N
Mississippi Chemical Co., fertilizer plant, Bayou Casotte, MS (Pascagoula),
1958-??, L&N
Mississippi Power Co. Plant Daniels (power plant), Escatawpa, MS,
c.1978-present, MSE
Mississippi Power Co. (???), (power plant), Purvis, MS, 1970's?-present, SOU
?? Oil Co., Dragon, MS (N. Hattiesburg), oil storage facility,
1960's?-present, SOU
Mississippi Chemical Corp. (fertilizer plant?), N. Yazoo City,
1950's?-present, IC

As you can see, I have a lot of question marks and gaps to fill in.
Additions and corrections are welcome!

Tony Howe

<< 4. Paper mill >>

Several of these come to mind here in Virginia Hosam.  There is the one at 
West Point on the NS (former Southern), the one at Covington on CSX (C&O), 
and another close to me at BIg Island on CSX (C&O).  All are still served by 

5. Electric Generation power plants

I'm sure there are plenty of these.  The Hyco plant south of South Boston 
comes to mind.  It's on NS, (N&W former L&D), and one I'm familiar with at 
Conway, SC.   Both still receive coal by rail.

6. Ship docks

Anywhere in the Norfolk are...You're familiar weith those though.

8. Agricultural products
9. Any Industries specific to your state on a seasonal basis

There is/was an Apple storage facility at Covesville, VA (right along Rt 29). 
 I'm using it as a small industry on my layout, although I have not been able 
to research it yet.  It is right by the tracks, and must have had a siding.  
It's called Piedmont Brand Apples.  If you do find out any more about it I'd 
love to know more.

Pulpwood is another southeast one of course,  I believe the pulpwood yard in 
Altavista is still going strong.  I think it was on the old Virginian line 
(N&W).  Also, there was, perhaps still is one at the east end of Gladstone 
(Bent Creek) on CSX (C&O).

In the 50's it seemed every depot had a "pupwood" loading facility.  We did 
pulpwood on our farm back then, and I remember "helping" unload the truck to 
the pulpwood car at Amherst, and Gladstone.  Monroe also had a place, as did 
many other depots.

Bill Cox

ACIPCO was a very large employer in the Anniston/Oxford, Ala. area when I
was growing up ther in the 60's.

Warren D

North Carolina additions
Agriculture: include trees and forest products, cotton, produce (not #1, 
but they do produce apples, peaches, and various other fruits and vegetables).

Industries: Furniture and other wood products; sand/gravel/clay; pottery; 
and lots of granite and brownstone.

Dave Bott
S.A. McCall