Agriculture: Poultry and eggs, cattle, nursery stock, peanuts, cotton,
vegetables, milk, soybeans.
Industry: Coal, Iron, Steel, Paper, lumber and wood products, mining,
rubber and plastic products, transportation equipment, apparel,
Cast Iron Pipe, Fertilizer, Aluminum. 

Agriculture: Poultry and eggs, soybeans, sorghum, cattle, cotton, rice,
hogs, milk. 
Industry: Food processing, electric equipment, fabricated metal products,
machinery, paper products, bromine, vanadium. 

Agriculture: Poultry, nursery stock, soybeans, dairy products, corn.
Industry: Chemical products, food processing, paper products, rubber and
plastic products, scientific instruments, printing and publishing

Agriculture: Citrus, vegetables, nursery stock, cattle, sugarcane, dairy
Industry: Tourism, electric equipment, food processing, printing and
publishing, transportation equipment, sugar processing, machinery. 

Agriculture: Poultry and eggs, peanuts, cattle, hogs, dairy products,
vegetables, cotton. 
Industry: Textiles and apparel, transportation equipment, food processing,
paper products, chemical products, electric equipment, kaolin, tourism,
rock quarries, petroleum refinery, Savannah State Docks, Brick Plant,
Asphalt Shingles.

Agriculture: Horses, cattle, tobacco, dairy products, hogs, soybeans, corn.
Industry: Transportation equipment, chemical products, electric equipment,
machinery, food processing, tobacco products, coal, tourism. 

Agriculture: Seafood, cotton, soybeans, cattle, sugarcane, poultry and eggs,
dairy products, rice. 
Industry: Chemical products, petroleum and coal products, food processing,
transportation equipment, paper products, tourism.

Agriculture: Seafood, poultry and eggs, dairy products, nursery stock,
cattle, soybeans, corn. 
Industry: Electric equipment, food processing, chemical products, printing
and publishing, transportation equipment, machinery, primary metals, coal,

Agriculture: Cotton, poultry, cattle, catfish, soybeans, dairy products,
Industry: Apparel, furniture, lumber and wood products, food processing,
electrical machinery, transportation equipment, shipbuilding, Pulp & Paper,
Ship docks, sawmills, box plants, Railroad Ties, Textiles, Brick Plants,
Cottonsed Processing, Tire Plant,

North Carolina
Agriculture: Poultry and eggs, tobacco, hogs, milk, nursery stock, cattle,
soybeans, seafood, peaches, apples.
Industry: Tobacco products, textile goods, chemical products, electric
equipment, machinery, tourism, furniture, paper, pulpwood, 
aluminum (alumina, coke, tar, ingots), steel mill, power plant,
ship docks, sand/gravel/clay; pottery, granite and brownstone.

South Carolina
Agriculture: Tobacco, poultry, cattle, dairy products, soybeans, hogs.
Industry: Textile goods, chemical products, paper products, machinery,

Agriculture: Soybeans, cotton, tobacco, livestock and livestock products,
dairy products, cattle, hogs. 
Industry: Chemicals, transportation equipment, rubber, plastics, 
Aluminum (alumina, coke, tar, ingots), Jack Daniels (Oak barrels
and other fine ingredients), Petroleum Refinery, Corn Milling, 

Agriculture: Cattle, poultry, dairy products, tobacco, hogs, soybeans,
cotton, peanuts, apples.
Industry: Transportation equipment, coal, textiles, food processing, printing,
electric equipment, chemicals, Pulp & Paper, Pulpwood. 

West Virginia
Agriculture: Cattle, dairy products, poultry, apples.
Industry: Chemical products, mining, coal, primary metals, stone, clay, and glass
products, tourism. 

S.A. McCall