These are "Nicknames" applied by other than the Railroad itself
See Official Slogans for those applied by the Railroads
Atlantic Coast Line Always Cries Loudly
Baltimore Chesapeake & Atlantic Black Cinders and Ashes
Baltimore & Ohio The Bum's Own
Birmingham & Southeastern Bump & Slide Easy
Buffalo Union Carolina Busted Until Christmas
Carolina & Northwestern Can't and Never Will
Chesapeake & Ohio Cheapskate and Ohio
Chesapeake & Western Crooked & Weedy
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Baby Railroad
The 'CRAP'
Wreck Island
Columbia Newberry & Laurens RR Crooked, Noisy, and Late
CSX Crashed, Smashed & Exploded
The East Tennessee & Western Carolina RR(ET&WNC) Tweetsie
Eat 'Taters and Wear No Clothes
Exquisite Trains and What Nice Conductors
Eat Taters and What Nice Clothes
Georgia and Florida God Forgot
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Grease, Mud & Oil
Hampton and Branchville Humped and Boggy
Illinois Central Railroad (ICRR) I Can't Run Railroads
Illinois Central Gulf I Can't Go
Jacksonville Beach and Pablo Jump Boys and Push
Kansas City Southern (KCS) Haywire
Louisville & Nashville (L&N) Loud & Noisy
Missouri, Kansas, Texas KATY
Nashville & Eastern (NERR) Never Ever Runs Right
New York Chicago & St. Louis The Nickel Plate Road
Norfolk & Western Nights & Weekends
Norfolk Southern No Service
New Southern
Piedmont & Northern Po and Needy
Reader RR (Arkansas) Possum-Trot Line
Richmond Fredricksburg& Potomac The Doggie Railroad
The Capital Cities Route
St. Louis Southwestern The Cotton Belt Route
Seaboard System Slowly Breaking Down
Slow Board System
Seaboard Air Line Surely Always Late
Tallulah Falls Railway Total Failure
S.A. McCall