General Motors designed the "Aerotrain" in response to requests
for a new type of train which could reduce both initial and operating
costs.  Two "Aerotrain" sets were built.  Each consisted of an engine
powered by a V-12, 567C, 1200HP EMD diesel.  The engine had
an unusual wheel arrangement of B-1.  The front truck was a 2 axle
and the rear  had only 1 axle.  This rear axle, as well as all wheels
under the cars, was air bag suspended.  All cars had one axle near
the front and one axle near the rear.  Each set had ten cars with
steel underframes and aluminum bodies.  The entire unit was painted
silver with red trim.  These units were built in 1956.

The NYC leased one of these sets in January 1956 and in the fall of 1956 turned this set over to UP and AT&SF. This unit was numbered 1001 on the NYC. The other set was operated by the PRR and was numbered 1000. Both sets were returned to General Motors in 1957. The RI purchased both sets in 1957 and operated them around Chicago in commuter service. RI also had another similar train which was given the number 1. This train had talgo type cars(with only one wheel set under each car). scrapped around 1965. The two "Aerotrain" sets were donated to museums in Green Bay and St. Louis some time in 1965. Information obtained from "The Second Diesel Spotters Guide" page EMD127, "Our GM Scrapbook" page 25 and "Diesel Locomotives of the New York Central System" pages 126,127 & 128.
S.A. McCall