The General Electric Company, from 1925 to 1928, supplied electric traction equipment for locomotives built by ALCO and powered by Ingersoll-Rand diesel engines. In 1929 Ingersoll-Rand and GE teamed up to build their own locomotives. GE still furnished traction equipment to Alco who now powered their locos with the newly acquired McIntosh- seymour diesel engines. In 1940 GE and ALCO entered into the market for large road diesel locomotives. These engines carried the logo ""ALCO-GE"" and are described under the American Locomotive Company. In 1953 GE and ALCO terminated their partnership, although GE still furnished the traction equipment. At this time GE entered the large road locomotive market on their own and in 1960 introduced the U-25b which proved a success in the market place and launched GE as the #2 builder of diesel locomotives in the USA. Currently GE is the leading manufacturer of diesel locomotives in the world.

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S.A. McCall