A visit to the "Bear Creek Junction" circa 1967.  Bear Creek Junction was 
located in the Nantahala National Forest in Northwestern North Carolina.  
This tourist road featured Shay type locomotives and offered tourist rides 
from the Junction to Topton, NC. where it connected with the Southern Railway.
  This is a remnant of the old Snowbird Valley railroad which began back in 
the early 20's and thru a series of buy outs became the Graham County Railroad.
All of this is gone now, the station has been converted into a private residence.
The other buildings and railroad equipment has been moved elsewhere.  The grounds 
has been developed into a residental area.  The track has been removed...

This was the weekly special for Wednesday June 19 till Wednesday June 26, 2002
  This is a series of slides I made back in the 60's when we lived in Cleveland,
Tennessee and haunted the mountains of lower tennessee and upper North Carolina.
Hope you enjoy them, the Shay #1925 is now at the Southern Museum in Spencer, NC.

S.A. McCall