Rule 32. Box Cars classed as suitable for grain loading or better, or refrigerator cars, must not be loaded with any of the contaminanting commodities listed below. If so loaded and it becomes necessary to renew floors, linings, or sheathing(including necessary parts)or portions therof, in order to restore car to previous loading classification because of contamination due to such loading, the cost of the repairs shall be assumed by the road(either switching or roadhaul)responsible for furnishing the car for such loading. 1. ANIMAL PRODUCTS: (a) Hides, Pelts or Skins (b) Glue Stock (c) Manure, or Fertilizing Compounds with contaminating odors. (d) Meat Refuse, Offal, Tankage, or Waste from Slaughtered Animals. (e) Bones, or Horns with contaminating Odor. (f) Dried Blood (g) Tallow 2. COPRA 3. FISH SCRAP OR FISH MEAL 4. SHELL FISH IN BULK 5. SHELLS(CLAM, MUSSEL, OR OYSTER)INRAW STATE WITH CONTAMINATING ODOR 6. ASPHALT(ASPHALTUM)NATURAL or ASPHALT COMPOUNDS, BY PRODUCT OR PETROLEUM 7. CREOSOTE OR CREOSOTED MATERIALS 8. LAMP BLACK, CARBON BLACK(ALL TYPES), GRAPHITE(BLACK LEAD) OR PLUNBAGO. 9. POISONOUS CHEMICALS OR COMPOUNDS IN CONTAINERS OR BULK.
S.A. McCall